And then the Bixi rep implied my wife was an idiot.

On the way to see The Avengers today, my wife suggested that we rent Bixis and see if we liked them. Here’s what we liked:

  • it was easy to pay for our bikes

Here’s what we didn’t like:

  • we couldn’t actually get both bikes, so we ended up walking

We had the convenience of paying for the bikes, plus the added exercise of walking the whole way. And since we didn’t get the bikes, we didn’t have the hassle of returning them. So I guess that’s a win?

Here’s what happened: we paid for two bikes, but the machine didn’t print out the codes for one of them when we asked for it. We only had one code. My wife called the Bixi support number, and was told that there was nothing we could but wait for five minutes, then get another code. My wife asked why there wasn’t some sort of central override, and the representative told her that she “should have been paying more attention” when renting the bikes. In other words, the fact that the machine didn’t print one of the codes was her fault.

We ended up not waiting for five minutes, and not bothering to get a refund. Being told by a company – that has just taken your money, plus some huge deposit for bikes we never used – that the failed delivery of services was our fault was enough interaction with the company for one day. For one lifetime, in fact.