How the Bay fucked our Saturday

A couple of weeks ago, we bought a bed at the Bay (Yonge and Bloor). We scheduled a delivery for today. The window that we were given was noon to 6pm. That’s a big window, but we were hoping that we’d luck out and get an early delivery and then get on with our day.

By 5pm, there was no sign of a delivery. We cancelled our pre-dinner plans (sorry Scott and Shawn, no time for drinks!) and called the Bay’s service centre, in hopes of finding out where our bed was and when it would arrive. All that they could tell us was that the bed was supposed to be delivered by 6pm.

At 6, we called them back. Now they told us they didn’t know what was going on and that they would call us back. When we called back at 6:45, the new story was they couldn’t actually get in contact with the delivery people as it had been contracted out. They couldn’t tell us if the bed was going to be delivered at all, and had no idea what time it would show up.

So, to sum up: we’ve been waiting for a delivery for seven hours, and we have to leave in forty-five minutes. We don’t know if we’re going to have a bed to sleep on tonight (more precisely, we don’t know if we’re going to have to set up our old bed again).

I can’t help but contrast this to the experience we had earlier this week, when West Elm delivered our headboard and a new chest of drawers. They were on time, and gave us a twenty-minute warning before they showed up. And they managed to do it with a two-hour delivery window. I imagine that West Elm has a pretty good idea of where its drivers are at all times. The Bay obviously doesn’t.

Update: the delivery guy just called, saying he would be here within half an hour. We’ll see if that’s the case.

Update again: the delivery was made, we didn’t have time to set up the bed, and we were late for our dinner reservation. Additionally, I just found out that the mattress removal we paid for apparently meant abandoning the mattress behind our building.

Final update: after a few tweets, several phone calls, and three days, the Bay has made a real effort to make this right. The people my wife talked to were “horrified” at the treatment we received, and the salesguy (who we quite liked) has followed up with us directly. We’ve got a refund on our delivery and removal fees. It’s still not an excuse for the shoddy service that we received on Saturday, but honestly there’s nothing that the Bay could realistically do to fix that experience. They’ve made a really good effort to make us feel better about the company.