New year, new habits

nofacebookI’m doing a bit of technology/social network housekeeping. I’m juggling too many accounts on too many computers, so I’m going to spend some time over the Christmas break fixing some accumulated cruft in my personal technology stack.

Get off Facebook. I haven’t posted anything in a few months, and I find my time is spent mindlessly looking at the status updates of those few people that I haven’t blocked from my wall. I’m not going to delete my account – some people use it for party invites – but I’m going to log out and count on email messages to warn me when there’s something I need to worry about.

Continue to ignore Google+.  I have an account, and while I theoretically like it better than Facebook, a social network is useless without a network.

More Twitter. Even though my network on Twitter is much smaller than Facebook’s, I prefer the bite-size content. Twitter will be my main outlet, unless it’s worth a full blog post.

Full-on switch to Mac. I’ve used a Mac as my primary home computer for the last year and a half, and now that my work laptop is a Mac, it’s time to make the full switch and start learning all the arcane keyboard shortcuts that I’ve been ignoring. I’ve avoided it so far because I find it difficult to switch between two or more OSes and use all of them with maximum efficiency.

Clean up personal mail. I’ve already done one pass at this by slimming down to a few dozen email addresses. I’m going to continue to consolidate them, and I’m going to start the process of retiring my oldest address. While is a great domain for a twenty-something single dude, my email address there doesn’t really reflect who I am today, at least on the professional side of things.

As well, since I’m now reading email on at least 4 devices (phone, tablet, home, laptop), it’s time to switch to IMAP so I only have to sort each item once.