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New year, new habits

I’m doing a bit of technology/social network housekeeping. I’m juggling too many accounts on too many computers, so I’m going to spend some time over the Christmas break fixing some accumulated cruft in my personal technology stack. Get off Facebook. … Continue reading

How the Bay fucked our Saturday

A couple of weeks ago, we bought a bed at the Bay (Yonge and Bloor). We scheduled a delivery for today. The window that we were given was noon to 6pm. That’s a big window, but we were hoping that … Continue reading

4-Hour Body: After

After twenty weeks, I’m going to call my 4-hour body experiment a success. I’m going to continue in maintenance mode and maybe drop another pound or three, but I’m pretty happy with where I got. It took a little longer … Continue reading

6 – 1 x 0 + 2 / 2

Oh, for fuck’s sake. This is why I should just get off Facebook. A friend linked this question in his feed, and I made the mistake of reading some of the answers. Right now it’s got nearly 39,000 answers, and … Continue reading

Aspects of software quality

A little while ago we were doing a lot of hiring on my project team. I got a little tired of asking all the same interview questions and mixed it up a bit. One of the questions I came up … Continue reading

4-Hour Body: Week 17

Really taking my time between posts now. September was a bit of a rough month – I had two full cheat weekends instead of cheat days (first, a boys’ weekend in NYC, then my wife’s birthday weekend in Boston). However, … Continue reading

Family history

While I was working on a personal project, I ran across this picture. It immediately captured my attention – there’s something about it that both my wife and I really liked. We had no idea who the men were, but … Continue reading

Outsmarted by spammers

For a long time, I’ve been giving out unique email addresses to anyone that’s not a real person. For example, my LinkedIn email is I started doing this to track who was passing email addresses around, as well as … Continue reading

4-Hour Body: Week 13

Oops, I hadn’t meant to go so long between posts. The good news – I hit my weight target last week, and the weight continues to come off. I’m still carrying a bit more abdominal fat than I’d like so … Continue reading

4-Hour Body: Week 10

Wow, my weight loss has slowed right down. But my body fat percentage is dropping – I think I’m still seeing results. I’m still a pound away from my admittedly-arbitrary goal of 160 lbs, which would be another month if … Continue reading