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Blog re-organization

Since all my posts recently have been about the 4-Hour Body, I’ve moved them to their own section. Eventually I want the front page to be all technical articles, and I’ll move the bitching and other posts to their own … Continue reading

On leaving a job after 11 years

After nearly eleven years, I recently left Intelliware and have accepted a new position at Autodesk. It’s a weird thing in today’s environment to work anywhere for as long as that, and it’s doubly weird to leave after that time. … Continue reading

A change of direction

For reasons that I’m not quite at liberty to go into (even on a blog that no one reads), I’ve abandoned the idea of creating an iOS app for the time being. I’ll still use this blog to map out … Continue reading

The importance of images

Looking over the last few posts, I’m struck by how much the blog outline looks like what I had pictured in my mind. And by how much I dislike it. Here’s the problem: it’s too bland. So something I’m going … Continue reading

Web fonts and Windows

For about thirty minutes today, I was completely interested in the rendering of fonts in web browsers. Through a fairly convoluted path, I ended up bringing up this blog on a Windows XP box and was surprised by the pixelated … Continue reading

Status check

Now that the blog is on the front page, it’s a good time to outline what I’d like to do in the near future. at the top of the list: start making this thing look different than every other WordPress … Continue reading

A poor craftsman blames his tools

These are the tools that I’m currently using for website development. Nothing too complex in here – I haven’t felt the need to break out Eclipse or anything equivalent yet. FireFTP: Since I’m developing on my home PC instead of … Continue reading

In the beginning

A couple of months ago, I moved over to a WordPress install. It gave me a fair amount of flexibility so I decided to do the same thing with this website. I think will become my software development/general … Continue reading