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How the Bay fucked our Saturday

A couple of weeks ago, we bought a bed at the Bay (Yonge and Bloor). We scheduled a delivery for today. The window that we were given was noon to 6pm. That’s a big window, but we were hoping that … Continue reading

6 – 1 x 0 + 2 / 2

Oh, for fuck’s sake. This is why I should just get off Facebook. A friend linked this question in his feed, and I made the mistake of reading some of the answers. Right now it’s got nearly 39,000 answers, and … Continue reading

And then the Bixi rep implied my wife was an idiot.

On the way to see The Avengers today, my wife suggested that we rent Bixis and see if we liked them. Here’s what we liked: it was easy to pay for our bikes Here’s what we didn’t like: we couldn’t … Continue reading

Does Avis overbook?

It appears that the answer is “yes”. Here’s my story. In order for my wife and I to make it my family’s Thanksgiving dinner, we had rented a car for Saturday, October 8, 2011. We showed up at the rental … Continue reading