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Aspects of software quality

A little while ago we were doing a lot of hiring on my project team. I got a little tired of asking all the same interview questions and mixed it up a bit. One of the questions I came up … Continue reading

Spring testing framework: how to load the application context from the file system

While attempting to standardize the testing of a code base, I’ve been trying to enable Spring’s test-level transaction management. In a nutshell, if you run a properly configured test within Spring’s test transaction framework then then the test does not … Continue reading

The more you know

One of the problems I knew I would have with using Rails is that I don’t know a thing about Ruby or Rails. That’s the point – I wanted to learn at least the outlines of the language, and I … Continue reading

Adding a reference to an existing entity in Rails

The last time I touched this code I created an entity named Review that referenced a Publication. I’d like to modify Review to also have a Reviewer. (I’ve decided that Publication and Reviewer are for my purposes independent – a … Continue reading

Adding a second entity

Now that I’ve got a basic app in place, I’d like to start fleshing it out. I’ve veered off from the Ruby primer and will pick stuff up from the web as I need to. Today I’d like to set … Continue reading

Introduction to Ruby on Rails

So I’m finally ready to go. I started working through Getting Started with Rails and modifying it to match my movie review database. All of my projects are kept in a directory named, conveniently enough, Projects. From my Projects directory: … Continue reading

WordPress code formatting

Since I’m shortly going to be dropping in more than a few code samples, I guess it’s time to start mucking with the way that code is displayed on the blog. There are a few options for this. My first … Continue reading

Apple tools

When I wrote my post on the development tools I was using, I knew that it would be outdated as soon as I moved over to the Mac. Some things haven’t changed: I’m still using FireFTP for file transfer and … Continue reading

MAMP ports and WordPress

When I first installed MAMP, I could only get Apache and MySQL running if I ran them on the default ports (80 and 3306, respectively). This is a bit of a pain because port 80 is protected and can only … Continue reading

Two things about WordPress

These are pretty simple, but bear repeating: after making changes, check it in multiple browsers. For me, it’s Firefox and Chrome – I don’t expect anyone to try to read this on IE. It wouldn’t kill me to check it … Continue reading