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WordPress code formatting

Since I’m shortly going to be dropping in more than a few code samples, I guess it’s time to start mucking with the way that code is displayed on the blog. There are a few options for this. My first … Continue reading

MAMP ports and WordPress

When I first installed MAMP, I could only get Apache and MySQL running if I ran them on the default ports (80 and 3306, respectively). This is a bit of a pain because port 80 is protected and can only … Continue reading

Two things about WordPress

These are pretty simple, but bear repeating: after making changes, check it in multiple browsers. For me, it’s Firefox and Chrome – I don’t expect anyone to try to read this on IE. It wouldn’t kill me to check it … Continue reading

WordPress customization, part II: electric boogaloo

Continuing from last time: Today I’ve got three goals. remove all commenting ability modify sidebar to remove admin links put WordPress content on the front page of The first two are necessary conditions for the last one: I don’t … Continue reading

WordPress customization. Go!

Two goals today: install WordPress locally create a child theme

A poor craftsman blames his tools

These are the tools that I’m currently using for website development. Nothing too complex in here – I haven’t felt the need to break out Eclipse or anything equivalent yet. FireFTP: Since I’m developing on my home PC instead of … Continue reading

In the beginning

A couple of months ago, I moved over to a WordPress install. It gave me a fair amount of flexibility so I decided to do the same thing with this website. I think will become my software development/general … Continue reading