Projects, blogs and web sites:

  • A defunct blog. This used to be the front page of this site until it became clear that I’m not really a blogger at heart.
  • This was my first web site, although it’s currently Drunks 2.0, using a WordPress back end. Originally it was simply the host of the “drunks” mailing list, a group of loosely connected friends and co-workers that spent far too much time in bars. These days it’s just used to co-ordinate a couple of events a year.
  • Intelliware blog. I was encouraged to write as much as was reasonable in the shared company blog. My posting wasn’t as frequent as it could have been. Some of my more useful stuff is actually posted under different technology pages instead of on the blog.

Elsewhere on the web:

My resume can be found here (PDF). My LinkedIn profile is generally more up-to-date.